Surviving the Indifferents


Blaise (38) is nonbinary, divorced, and an engineer. They are very intelligent and in good health


Robert (26) has moderate intelligence and is in excellent health. He is the cook on the ship


Rosario (44) is the captain of the ship. She is very intelligent and is in excellent health

Dr. Baby

Dr. Baby (age 10 months) was the ship’s physician. He is a healthy, happy baby


Keara is now age 88, though she was 28 on the ship. A former engineer, she now requires round-the-clock care and suffers from dementia


Maya (age 47) was accompanying her scientist husband, Yusef, on the ship. She suffers from some autoimmune diseases but is in decent health


Tammy (age 35) is a war veteran, and is a double-amputee. She suffers from PTSD but is otherwise in good health


Yusef is now age 5, but previously was 55. He is the husband of Maya.

Do you have what it takes to save your crew? You are in charge of a very important space mission on Titania. You must deal with limited resources, injured people, and a damaged spacecraft. Your choices will determine whether this crew ends back up on Earth or perishes in space.

If anyone dies, the game is immediately over. Your goal is to successfully rebuild the rocket before killing anyone. Each choice you make will affect the characters’ health. Each time that you make one revolution around the board, you receive one piece of the seven-piece rocket. Choose wisely so that you can rebuild the rocket before anyone gets too ill.

Do what the card tells you to do. The game will select a card that describes a scenario. Do what the card tells you to do (you might take points away from everyone, add points, take/add points to certain people) and hit the “confirm” button.

You can only choose a character that has that capability for performing the required task. There are three types of labor that each character may be able to perform: hard physical labor (H), light physical labor (L), and emotional labor (E). Depending on the character’s backstory, they can do all three types or none at all. When a care task card comes up, it will have a letter (E, L, or H) on the front.

If you do not provide care, the person requiring care loses 2 points. If you pick up a care card, you can either choose to give the care to the person requiring care, or not provide care. If you do provide care, the person requiring care and the person giving care each lose a point. In some cases, the care card asks you to assign up to 2 people to do a task. In that case, either 1 player loses 2 points, or 2 players lose 1 point each.

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